Muni Kshamasagar Ji

The visionary behind the prestigious Young Jaina Award and Maitree Samooh, Munishri Kshamasgar Ji was a Jain saint and a scientific thinker. Being a gold medalist in Masters of Technology and an erudite Jain saint, he practiced both science and religion from close quarters. He renounced all worldly pleasures and material belongings to become an ascetic at the tender age of 23 to tread on the path of peace and compassion.

Probably the most respected Jain saint among the youth; he was also a great poet, original thinker and a writer. He approached religion and life scientifically and without any prejudices. He believed in perfection in everything he did and during his interaction with students, he inspired them to be disciplined, hardworking and achieve all-round success which is not just limited to material achievements. He believed that one should have an impeccable character along with a successful career.

Arguably the Gandhi and Vinoba of our age he was an epitome of compassion, perfection and a proponent of coexistence of science and religion.

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